Magic in the New Age

Magic in the New Age is a system enhancement for Contagion Second Edition.
Magic is real in the world of Contagion. Magi are those dedicated few who learn to harness magic in its purest, rawest form. Through years of study, dedication beyond typical human fortitude, and no small investment of willpower, Magi learn to control the forces of creation itself. The spells of the Magi are no simple rituals. They are a means of harnessing the base energy of the universe and bending it to the whims of the Magus.

In recent months the world has changed. Gods stalk the shadows with mysterious agendas. The war between Heaven and Hell escalates to the point where mankind may learn the truth any day. Whole new races of supernatural beings have appeared in recent years. In the center of it all stand the Magi, humans who study the true nature of existence and use their arcane knowledge to command power beyond imagination.

How have the Schools of Magic changed in the wake of the opening of Oblitus?
As the supernatural world shatters into hundreds of factions
where do the Magi stand?

Magic in the New Age includes:
     -Detailed descriptions of and background information on the eight major Western Schools of Magic, updated for use in Contagion Second Edition
     -Detailed rules for attaining the blasphemous state of Lichdom
     -1 new Incorporeal Creature: the Rueda Del Fuego
     -Expanded rules for Ritual Magic
     -Rules for attaining the pinnacle of magical achievement: Archmastery
     -13 new Feats
Magic in the New Age is now available at

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