Choe Pho: A New World of Fantasy

The world of Choe Pho is young. The Council of Enlightenment came to Choe Pho seeking refuge from a terrible place known as the Fallen World. Carrying the soul energy, known as Marrow, of as many people as they could, the Council fled to a remote and hidden corner of the cosmos in the hopes of building a better world. Choe Pho would be a place where each soul would have the opportunity to refine itself, expand, grow, and attain enlightenment.
    Crafting such a safe haven and securing it from the corrupt powers of the Fallen World proved to be a massive undertaking, even for beings of such great power and enlightenment as those on the Council. Much Marrow was expended in the process of fortifying the nascent realm from intrusion by the Karma Eaters, a race of malignant cosmic entities from the Fallen World who seek to devour the very Marrow of all living things. Once the realm was secured, the Council of Enlightenment created the Isle of Hope, which would be the birthplace of their new world.
    The Isle of Hope was divided into four lands, each populated by one of the chosen races. To the north, the mountains and caverns that border the tamed lands of the Isle of Hope became home to the tsuchigumo, a race of arachnid humanoids who survive by trapping the various beasts of the region in their webs. The eastern forests served as the birthplace of the kitsune, a joyful celebrant race of humanoid canines. To the south, the warm grasslands of the Isle of Hope were designated as the hunting grounds of the feline nekomata. The deserts of the west were made home to the reptilian slytherine. Throughout all these lands, members of the human and tengu races were scattered to find their fortunes and pursue enlightenment.
    Beyond the firmament of the Isle of Hope, the realm remained wild and untamed. The creation of the Isle and all the creatures upon it had strained the buddhas of the Council to their limits. From the shores of the Isle of Hope to the fortifications at the edges of Choe Pho, reality was left wild, undefined, chaotic and unpredictable. In this region, now known as the Plains of Marrow, reality remains fluid and malleable, awaiting some adventurous soul to bring order through ritual Samdhi. The noble pursuit of bringing order to the Plains of Marrow is the principal motivation for many adventurers on Choe Pho.
Choe Pho: A New World of Fantasy is a 5e Compatible fantasy realm sprung forth from the pages of Contagion Second Edition.

In this world, five deities, known as the Council of Enlightenment, have crafted a secret, secure world, far away from the schemes of the Ilu. The people of this world live upon the Isle of Hope and adventure to bring order to the chaos in the Plains of Marrow.
Choe Pho: A New World of Fantasy offers:
A new, original fantasy setting
Six playable races: Humans, Kitsune, Nekomata, Slytherine, Tengu and Tsuchigumo
Two new Berserker paths
Five new Cleric domains
Four new Monk Traditions
Two new Ranger Archetypes
Choe Pho: A New World of Fantasy utilizes the 5e OGL.
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