Big Trouble in Little Haiti

     Big Trouble in Little Haiti is an adventure seed for the Contagion Second Edition Role Playing Game:

     A Miami neighborhood known as Little Haiti has suffered from a steady decline over the past several years. Gang warfare has claimed the lives of dozens of residents of the neighborhood. Drug abuse and alcoholism are rampant problems. Over the last two decades the neighborhood has gone from being a vibrant immigrant community to a bad part of town, considered a criminal haven by outsiders. The law-abiding residents of Little Haiti have lived in fear of the criminals that have claimed their streets. Local government and law enforcement seem to have little interest in cleaning up this forsaken part of town, and the status quo has been bleak for some time.

     In recent weeks, things seem to be turning around for Little Haiti. The crime rate saw a brief but brutal spike before dropping drastically. The shadier elements of the neighborhood are seen far less frequently and the general populace in the area seem to be more relaxed and at ease, despite no additional involvement from law enforcement.

     Rumors among those who know of the supernatural indicate that a powerful houngan has declared Little Haiti to be his protectorate. While this houngan is said to be loved by the people, some whisper that he has wrestled the neighborhood from the clutches of criminals by utilizing mystical means to surpass their brutality. Some accuse him of acting as judge, jury and executioner, with no regard for any authority but his own and that of the lwa.

     Big Trouble in Little Haiti can serve as an introductory story for Contagion Second Edition.  Certain elements of the setting are explored and expanded upon in this story seed, including expanded examples of Spirits and a gritty, street-level look at the world of Contagion. Due to the nature of the events in Big Trouble in Little Haiti, characters from virtually any background or faction could become caught up in the action. The materials presented in Big Trouble in Little Haiti are designed with standard starting characters in mind, but with a little number juggling by the Gamemaster, the antagonists could be scaled up or down in power to adequately challenge characters of any experience level.
     Big Trouble in Little Haiti includes:
          7 new NPCs
          5 new Spirits
          3 new Spells
          1 new Feat
     Big Trouble in Little Haiti is available at

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