Character Compendium 2: Book of the DANGED

Character Compendium 2: Book of the DANGED is a supplement created under the Hero Kids Compatibility License. Inside you will find five new characters for use in your campaign!
I have included four versions of each character. The first two versions (1 boy and 1 girl) contain stock art along with the description. The third and fourth versions have a white space where the kids can draw their own characters!
Character Compendium 2: Book of the DANGED contains the following characters, including male and female versions:
Catfolk: a humanoid kitten with ferocious claws.
Dark Elf: an elf from the lands below, who is a master of the underground.
Goblin: an unusual specimen, this goblin has turned to heroic pursuits.
Vampire: a hunter who can devour the strength of his enemies.
Werewolf: a hero who struggles to use their curse (and the strength it brings) for good.
Character Compendium 2: Book of the DANGED was written by Travis Legge and Saylor Ashman
The contents of this book are copyright 2016 Aegis Studios. Hero Kids is a trademark of Justin Halliday and is used with permission. No challenge is intended.
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