War Stories: Prophetic Dreams

War Stories: Prophetic Dreams is a transmedia setting enhancement for Contagion Second Edition

The world of Contagion is a dark and terrifying place. On the surface, it looks much like the world you and I live in. Just beneath that surface, in the shadows, rages an ancient conflict between supernatural factions who all seek dominion over the Earth and control over the souls of humanity.
Some rare people are gifted with supernatural insight into future events. These Prophets see the future in strange flashes and hazy visions. Some see their visions as a gift or blessing, using their insight to perform heroic deeds and prevent tragedies. Others turn their foresight into a tool for personal gain and profit. Some poor souls never accept the true nature of their visions, burying their insight with medication and therapy, mistaking their power for mental illness.
War Stories: Prophetic Dreams focuses on the story of one Prophet in particular, a young woman named Cassie Koizumi, who has just recently begun experiencing visions. Feeling compelled to document her experience, Cassie begins a video blog where she recounts her dreams and insights.
     A 12 page setting enhancement detailing new feats and a new Psychic Power for use with psychic characters.
Biographical information and a pregenerated character sheet for Cassie, the character featured in War Stories: Prophetic Dreams.
     A short film/video asset to be used as an in-game prop/story aid by the Gamemaster.

Starring Yumi Myers as Cassie
Written & Directed by Travis Legge
Executive Producer Steve Heiden

Available at www.drivethrurpg.com/product/151281/War-Stories-Prophetic-Dreams for ONLY $1.00!

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