In the Wake of Rage

After the Rage of Demons ends and the threat of the demon lords is addressed, how have the Forgotten Realms changed? During their time in the Underdark, the demon lords and their servants unleashed great chaos and horrific destruction. Villages fell, alliances shattered and numerous societies of the Underdark were rattled to their core. Though the demon lords may have been returned to the Abyss, the ramfications of their rage shall be felt for ages to come. In the Wake of Rage explores some ways the Forgotten Realms may have been warped by the Rage of Demons.
     Muck Dwarves: A new dwarven subrace
     Tiefling Expansion: New rules for abyssal tieflings and uniqie tieflings
     Class Options: 1 new Paladin order and the Oath of the Orphaned, A new Warlock sorcerous origin: Faerzress Taint, New Warlock Patrons: Lolth and Zuggtmoy
     New Toolset: Inquisitor's Tools
     Makeshift Equipment rules
     Feats: Two new feats: Ambush Tactician and Cavern Crawler
     Epic Boons: Two new epic boons: Boon of Shared Life and Boon of Wanderer's Fortune
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