K-24 is a setting expansion for Contagion Second Edition
    The world of Contagion is a dark and terrifying place. On the surface, it looks much like the world you and I live in. Most people go on about their lives never realizing the terrors that walk among them.

    There are those among humanity who know all too well the horrors that haunt the shadows. The governments of some nations maintain secret police forces tasked with hunting down and containing or eliminating supernatural threats. These efforts are typically ineffective, with a few notable exceptions.

    In recent years a small coalition of nations has banded together to create a special, secret prison for the supernatural. Seeking a secure, deniable location to host this prison, the members of this conspiracy enlisted the aid of a dangerous ally: the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  

    K-24 describes a secret prison for supernatural beings within North Korea. Operated by a conspiracy of nations including North Korea, China, Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States, this prison brings in supernatural threats from across the globe for interrogation and study.  The prison is home to dozens of unique creatures and powerful entities, many of which are detailed within these pages. K-24 also serves as a setting manual for the country of North Korea and the surrounding region, as it exists in the world of Contagion Second Edition.

K-24 includes:
     Detailed information on history and current events in the Korean Peninsula in the world of Contagion Second Edition
     Operations and personnel of the secret prison known as K-24 including the involvement of Department 7
     Five new playable races for use with Contagion Second Edition 
     Over twenty-five new supernatural creatures.
     A list of supernatural plants and their bizarre effects.
     Artifacts impounded within the walls of K-24.
Available now in .pdf for ONLY $4.99 at http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/150336/K24
Coming soon in Premium Color Hardcover and Softcover

Written by Contagion Survival Guide scribe Daniel "Dino Brown" McDorman

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