Portals to Peril

Tales from the Yawning Portal collects several classic dungeons from previous editions of Dungeons & Dragons in a single volume. The barest connection between these adventures is implied in the introduction of the book, with the inclusion of information about the Yawning Portal, a tavern in Waterdeep which acts as a clearing house for rumors and a gateway to adventure.

Portals to Peril seeks to add an additional layer of connection between the adventures listed in Tales from the Yawning Portal, as well as any other unconnected adventures that a DM would like to string together into a single cohesive campaign.

Inside these pages you will find:
Options to connect the adventures featured in Tales from the Yawning Portal through planar portals.
Two new spells: Surelock and Warp Sense
Guidelines for portal keys
Additionally, Portals to Peril contains new NPCs including:
Kesto: Owner of the Parted Veil, the best bookstore in Sigil.
Kylie: An extremely knowledable guide to the streets, shops, and portals of Sigil, as well as her pet ethyk.
Lissandra: A native of Toril who has dedicated her life to logging every portal in Sigil.
Milori: A curious celestial who acts as a translator across the planes.
The Us: An ambitious cranium rat swarm and its gith servant, Parakk.
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